Week 2 - Who is Marcus Banks? - Artist Spotlight

Cheers to Week 2 of our noble mission to unearth some of music and entertainment's most talented, undiscovered diamonds. We're venturing down the beaten path of comedy this time around, as we highlight a rather creative, unparalleled talent who has repeatedly left audiences all across the East Coast in sheer laughter-filled delight. With pleasure, we'd like to introduce to our readers, New Rochelle bred comedian and TV personality, Marcus Banks!


Marcus Banks, the young comedian, actor and host, influenced by such legends as Redd Foxx, Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy is the next big upcoming entertainment star. He's been a jokester and impersonating people all of his life but started writing jokes in January of 2010. His stage presence, combined with his timing and of course humor show his incredible confidence.

He seems to be in his comfort zone each and every time he hits the stage. Lately, Marcus has been burning up stages throughout the Northeast and South along with his side splitting interviews posted all over the internet.

Banks has generated an extraordinary amount of buzz among his peers within the entertainment industry for being one of the funniest comedians on the scene. Even though he's a "signed" comedian he still grinds as if he's just starting out.

Ever the dedicated grinder, Banks believes that "your success depends on your commitment to your dreams." His style is urban "short-form storytelling" and "multipurpose phrases" with an edgy cool attitude.

Banks always has a little 'what the f**k' in his voice, questioning why seemingly smart people do such dumb things. He's renowned for his open, free-style, and critical form of comedy which integrates politics, urban plight, and sexual innuendos.


 Learn more about Marcus Banks by visiting his website links:  
  1. Instagram, Twitter, & Snapchat: Mbanks914
  2. FaceBook.com/MarcusBanksComedy
  3. Youtube.com/914Mbanks
  4. www.MarcusBanksComedy.com
  5. Facebook.com/Mbanks914
  6. Instagram: Mbanks914
  7. Twitter.com/Mbanks914
  8. Youtube.com/914Mbanks

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